Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

About IGTF-J

Internet Governance Task Force of Japan (IGTF-J) is a joint group established on August 20 2004 by the individuals and organizations from the Japanese Internet Community and Private Sector.

The main objective of IGTF-J is to engage in the activities of the Working Group on Internet Governance WSIS Geneva process called for and to achieve safe and trusted global framework of Internet operation and application through maintaining and further developing the private sector-led management.


Specifically, we will

1. Try to define and verify the concept of “Internet Governance”

We will prioritize the issues related to Internet Governance by their particular relevance to Japan, and will discuss and propose how these issues should be addressed.

The possible subjects of our discussion may include:
- Internet resource management: ex. Domain Name Systems and IP Address
- Transnational harmful activities over the Internet: ex. Virus, phishing, and spam

2. Participate in and contribute to the collaboration process with the international community based on our activities in Japan in the field of "Internet Governance"

We welcome the full and active participation approach adopted by the Declaration of the Principles and Plan of Actions of the WSIS Geneva Summit. We are committed to work together with the members of the Working Group to produce its fruitful and constructive outcome.

We will participate in the international collaboration activities in such forums as WSIS, and ICANN with contributions the Japanese stakeholders on Internet Governance issues and to try to reflect their substance in the outcome.

We will report on these international activities back to the stakeholders in Japan.

Our specific activities will be carried out through Working Groups addressing the subject we consider important. Currently, Working Group on Internet Resources is established and started it work.


IGTF is a membership organization to which any organization or individuals who agree with its mission can become a member. We have three membership categories: full member, special member and sponsor.

Full Member
Internet Association Japan (IA Japan)
Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA)
Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Japan Registry Services, Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

Special Member
Prof . Shumpei Kumon (University of Tama)
Prof. Jiro Kokuryo (University of Keio)
Prof. Tomomi Tsubota (University of Keio/Nikkei Digital Core)
Adam Peake (GLOCOM, International University of Japan)
Internet Users Network
Institute for HyperNetwork Society
New Institute for Social Knowledge an Collaboration. University of Tama
(As of September 10, 2004)

Institute for HyperNetwork Society, Tokyo office
4-10-24 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064 Japan
TEL:03-3719-8841 Fax: 097-537-8820

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