Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

IGTF-J submitted its comments to WGIG

As a part of its ongoing activities to participate global collaborative work with the Working Group on the Internet Governance (WGIG) of WSIS, IGTF-J (Internet Governance Task Force of Japan) submitted its comments to WGIG secretariat.

Comments submitted by IGTF-J [PDF]

This is the response to the Issue Papers drafted and published by the members of WGIG which include some 21 subjects.

Since the time given was very limited, IGTF chose three most important issues, namely
Administration of Internet Names and IP Addresses
Administration of the Root Server system
Multilingualization of Internet Naming System

The WGIG meeting will be held Feb 14 to 18 in Geneva, of which morning of Feb 14 and al day on Feb 15 and 16 will be open to public. Webcast will be provided for the open sessions.
Please see for more details of the webcast.