Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

IGTF comment on new IPv6 allocation proposal at WGIG

Internet Governance Task Force of Japan (IGTF-J) made contribution to the first WGIG meeting on Nov 24 in Geneva. IGTF specifically focused on the new draft proposal circulated from Mr. Zhao of ITU to allocate a portion of IPv6 Address spaces to ITU and then pass that to nation states for them to manage.

In this comment, we focused on 1) Technical requirements, and 2) Management scheme to satisfy the technical requirements, and 3) possible consequences IF nation-based IP address allocation is partially implemented as prural system to existing one.

Our comment received fair amount of attention, mostly in favor of, but also triggered some unexpected strong reaction from some member of the government.

This comment is still work in progress and we welcome more comments from you to further revise and refine our thoughts.