Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

IGTF-J submits Contribution to WGIG meeting

Sep 13, 2004
Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

“Private sector-led management is the key for Internet success”

IGTF-J (Internet Governance Task Force of Japan) submits its contribution to the
UN working Group on Internet Governance

Internet Governance Task Force of Japan (IGTF-J) today submitted its contribution on WGIG’s scope, composition and working methods.

In its contribution, IGTF-J is calling for the following:

- The WGIG should carry out an objective study of the issues relevant to the Internet
Governance that require worldwide examination.
- The WGIG should not be captured by political biases.
- The structure of WGIG should ensure that the opinions of all stakeholders are fully reflected.
- The WGIG’s processes should be open and transparent
- Measures should be taken to ensure that non-native speakers of English can participate

WGIG is defined to allow full participation of the governments, private sector, civil society and related International organizations, but the specific members will be decided by the Secretary General Annan in October based on the outcome of the Consultations on the establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance to be held in Geneva, 20-21 September. The WGIG is expected to become operational in November.

IGTF-J is a joint group, established on August 20 by the individuals and organizations from the Japanese Internet Community and Private Sector to engage in the activities of the Working Group on Internet Governance(WGIG.)Its members include Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC), Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA), Japan Registry Services (JPRS) and Internet Association Japan (IA Japan).

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