Internet Governance Task Force of Japan

Internet Governance Task Force launched on Aug 20, 2004

Internet Governance Task Force of Japan (IGTF-J) was officially launched on Aug 20, 2004 to participate in the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) of the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and to maintain and promote private-sector led framework of the Internet management.

Started at 10:30 Aug 20 at the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC), the inaugurating General Meeting was held and IGTF became into existence formally. There were some 20 attendees including Prof Shumpei Kumon of Tama University, Toru Takahashi, Vice President, Internet Association Japan, Kouki Higashida, President, Japan Registry Services, Co., Ltd., Toshiaki Tateishi, Executive Director, Japan Internet Providers Association and other representatives of the members of IGTF.
Prof. Kumon reported the background and the process that led to the establishment of the IGTF, and then the members examined and adopted the proposals on Membership, Bylaws, Officers, Business Plan and Budget.
IGTF then held its first Steering Committee meeting and decided to set-up a working group on Internet resources and also discussed and agreed with the activity plan.

* * *
Internet Governance that deals with who manages the Information Society became a paramount subject of debate among governments from developed and developing country at the Geneva phase of the WSIS which was held on December 2003. The final compromise was to ask the Secretary General of the United Nations to set-up an working group which will report its result by the Second phase of the WSIS to be held in Tunisia on November 2005.

IGTF was launched by individuals and organizations among private sector of Internet community in Japan in order to appeal that the management of the Internet should not invite more regulation from governments, but rather keep the private sector in charge as the basic principle.

Among the core organization members are Internet Association Japan, Japan Internet Providers Association, Japan Network Information Center, and Japan Registry Services.

IGTF plans to attend the Open Consultation Meeting to be held in Geneva September 20-21 and submit Comments on the theme and composition of the WGIG. Online consultation in Japan on the substance of the Comments from Japan will start shortly.

In its draft for the Comments, IGTF says “IGTF welcomes the full and active participation approach adopted by the Declaration of the Principles and Plan of Actions of the WSIS Geneva Summit. We consider that this WGIG process will offer us a tremendous opportunity for the international community to achieve full consensus on this difficult and important subject and we are excited to be able to work together with the members of the Working Group to produce its fruitful and constructive outcome”.